Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Golden Rule Of Car Buying


The golden rule of car buying is this: Buy your vehicle over a 36-month term and no more. If you can't afford the monthly cost to pay it off within 36 months, then you can't afford the car!

Vehicle debt is one of the hardest to alter once you've signed on the dotted line. 
For one thing, new cars depreciate in value rapidly, so trying to get the seller to change the terms later on will not likely work in your favour. 
Second, most people choose a car based on the monthly payment, rather than the total purchase price.

Car dealers are skilled at finding creative ways to make almost any car work into buyers budget. 

The reason for this is that's what we as buyers are fixated on.

However, just because the purchase looks doable on paper, this does not mean it's truly affordable!

Be wise.

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